Training for Minors Counsel

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Minors Counsel Planning Committee:  Kathleen Mullins Henderson, Julie Levy
Staff Liaison:  Amy Jarvis

For questions regarding our annual training, please contact Amy Jarvis

SCBA, under the direction of the Family Law Section, hosts a live training series for Minors Counsel every year. See dates below for this year's live programs. Past trainings are also available on-demand through SeminarWeb.  

2022 Minors Counsel Training - Special Issues in Custody and Representing Minors 
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Stages of Development as They Relate to Children with Special Needs
Tuesday, September 13, 12:00 - 1:00 pm  |  Speaker:  Kristine Bartlett, Psy.D.

Children and the Court: Determining When Children Should be Involved; How the Court Views the Child's Best Interest, and Preparing Children for Family Court Services
Save the Date - Friday, September 30, 12:00 - 1:30pm  |  Speakers:  Hon. James Bertoli, Julianne Major

Trauma: Neuropsychological Effects on Children and Adults
Save the Date - Monday, October 3, 3:00 - 5;00 pm  |  Speakers: Laura Capinas, LCSW; Eliza Lehrke, Psy.D.

Conflicts of Interest When There are Multiple Children in the Family
Save the Date - Monday, October 17, 12:00 - 1:00 pm  |  Speakers: Julie Levy; Deborah Reece

Representing Minors:  A How-To Guide for Minors Counsel
Date TBD; Tentatively Planned for December

Interviewing Children
Date TBD; Tentatively Planned for November

Working Effectively with Multidisciplinary Experts
Date TBD; Tentatively Planned for November

Bias/Diversity as it Relates to Working with Families and Representing Children
Date TBD; Tentatively Planned for December

The 2022 training consists of 10 hours of of education. New Minors Counsel will need to complete an additional 2 hour of training from any of the programs listed below.

2021 Minors Counsel Training Available On-Demand  (Click Here)

The 2021 training consists of 8 hours of education. New Minors Counsel will need to complete an additional 4 hours of training from the list of additional programs below.

Additional Minors Counsel Programs

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Child Trauma (1 hour)
Building Rapport with Children (1.5 hours)
Cultural Competency in Family Law Practice (45 minutes)
Custody and Visitation Issues (1 hour)
Interviewing Children (1.25 hours)
Secondary Traumatic Stress (1 hour)

Training Required by CA Rules of Court, Rule 5.242 (c) and (d)
Before being appointed as counsel for a child in a family law proceeding, counsel must have completed at least 12 hours of applicable education. To remain eligible for appointment as counsel for a child, counsel must complete during each calendar year a minimum of eight hours of applicable education. Applicable training must include the following subjects:
(1)  Statutes, rules of court, and case law relating to child custody and visitation litigation;
(2)  Representation of a child in custody and visitation proceedings;
(3)  Special issues in representing a child, including the following:
      (A)  Various stages of child development;
      (B)  Communicating with a child at various developmental stages and presenting the child's view;
      (C)  Recognizing, evaluating and understanding evidence of child abuse and neglect, family violence and substance abuse, cultural and ethnic diversity, and gender-specific issues
      (D)  The effects of domestic violence and child abuse and neglect on children; and
      (E)  How to work effectively with multidisciplinary experts.

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