Careers of Distinction Award

Careers of Distinction Award

The award recipients are selected based on their practice of law in an exemplary fashion, have distinguished themselves as jurists, litigators, and practitioners, and have applied due diligence in the practice of law day after day. Factors also considered are activities outside the law such as community involvement, volunteerism, and other noteworthy achievements.

Careers of Distinction Awards program: 69 distinguished professionals in the legal community in Sonoma County have been honored since the first awards in 1993.


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Nominations can be sent in at any point during the year; however, for consideration for the current year's award, nominations must be submitted by March 31st. Any nominations received after March 31, will be considered for the following year's award.

Careers of Distinction Award Recipients:

  • 2023 – Michael Miller, Dawn Ross, Ronit Rubinoff
  • 2019 – Kenneth D. Gack, John R. O’Brien
  • 2018 – Hon. Arnold D. Rosenfield (Ret.), Catherine A. Conner, Steven C. Mitchell
  • 2017 – Willard “Bill” A. Carle III, Patrick G. Grattan
  • 2016 – Sondra Jean Persons, J. Michael Mullins
  • 2015 – Christopher Costin, David Grabill
  • 2014 – Hon. Stephany L. Joy, Leslie R. Perry, Kirt F. Zeigler
  • 2013 – Richard W. Abbey, W. Barton Weitzenberg, Patrick W. Emery
  • 2012 – Frederic L. Hirschfield, Hon. Laurence K. Sawyer (Ret.)
  • 2011 – Hon. Gayle C. Guynup (Ret.), L. Stephen Turer
  • 2010 – Clayton E. Clement, Arthur L. Lafranchi
  • 2009 – Hon. Dennis Beaman (Ret.), Hon. William Bettinelli (Ret.), Larry Scoufos
  • 2008 – Chris P. Andrian, Thomas R. Kenney
  • 2007 – Gregory J. Jacobs, Leroy J. Lounibos, Jr.
  • 2006 – Richens L. Wootton, John A. Klein, Robert Henry
  • 2005 – Michael D. Senneff, C. Kenneth James, Harvey W. Hoffman
  • 2004 – Hon. Jeanne M. Buckley (Ret.), Richard Day, William E. Geary
  • 2003 – Dee Schilling, Edwin C. Anderson, Hon. Lloyd von der Mehden
  • 2002 – Steven C. Neustadter, James R. Mazzoni, Jr., Alfred F. Maggini
  • 2001 – Jack DeMeo, Hon. William Boone (Ret.)
  • 2000 – Michael O’Donnell
  • 1999 – R. Winfield Achor, Hon. Rex Sater (Ret.), Annette Lombardi
  • 1998 – Hon. Robert Ball (Ret.), Dennis Keegan, Carlton W. Spridgen
  • 1997 – Jack Ryersen, Everett Shapiro, John F. “Jack” Shea
  • 1996 – B. Scott Foster, John Lounibos, Leroy Lounibos, Clarendon Anderson
  • 1995 – Hon. Joseph P. Murphy (Ret.), Nicholas DeMeo, Charles DeMeo, Luda Barham
  • 1994 – Hon. John H. Moskowitz (Ret.), Francis J. Passalacqua, Thomas Brownscombe
  • 1993 – Hon. Joseph A. Rattigan (Ret.)

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