Paralegal & Legal Support

Paralegal & Legal Support

Mission: The purpose of the Paralegal and Legal Support Section (PLS Section) is to promote the paralegal and legal support professions, provide networking opportunities, enhance the skills of members through sharing ideas and providing mentors, and offering educational opportunities to advance the knowledge of the members so that we are informed and stay current on the law and procedure.

The Paralegal & Legal Support Section’s goal is to offer workshops throughout the year for our section members at a significantly reduced rate so that members will recoup the cost of membership.

The Section's Committee will work with the SCBA's Education Committee to develop MCLE seminars that enhance our members knowledge base and support the Paralegal's requirement for continued education credits.

2024 Steering Committee

Kate Muller

Chair and Board Representative

Kate E. Muller
Abbey, Weitzenberg, Warren & Emery





Ellie A. Ehlert
Perry, Johnson, Anderson, Miller & Moskowitz

Joanne Miller
Sonoma County District Attorney

Erik C. Pede
Beck Law P.C.

Liaisons to SCBA's Education Committee

  • Ellie A. Ehlert
  • Kate E. Muller
  • Erik C. Pede 

Lawyer Referral Service

SCBA can help you find the right lawyer to assist you with your legal issues.
Contact Win Rogers by email or call her at (707) 546-5297 for a referral.