Michael F. O’Donnell Civility Award

Michael F. O’Donnell Civility Award

The Sonoma County Bar Association (SCBA) invites its members to submit nominations for a member deserving of the Michael F. O’Donnell Civility Award. The Award is intended to honor an attorney who has demonstrated the following characteristics of civility in the practice of law in the past year:

  • Showing respect for the courts and court personnel, as well as adversaries.
  • Exhibiting professionalism in dealings with clients and adversaries.
  • Acting with integrity in the presentation of factual and legal positions.
  • Honoring their role as officer of the court.
  • Behaving in a courteous manner in all endeavors.
  • Accommodating others in a reasonable manner.
  • Acting in good faith in dealings with others.
  • Discouraging conduct that demeans, hampers or obstructs our system of justice.

O'Donnell Civility Award Recipients:

  • 2019 – W. Barton Weitzenberg
  • 2018 – Thomas R. Kenney Jr.
  • 2017 – Michael D. Senneff
  • 2016 – John "Jack" F. DeMeo


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