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Understanding Undue Influence Through the Eyes of the Victimizer

 This session will explore how artful manipulators choose their victims and use their role and power to exploit their trust, dependency, and fears. This is not going to take place within the typical lecture format, and the attendees will not merely be taught facts and descriptive statements. Rather, this session will offer an experiential approach, during which each participant will be encouraged to understand the dynamics of undue influence by learning how to think like a victimizer. In addition, we will discuss the practical and interpersonal skills needed for responding to the victims of undue influence. 


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Dr. Glenn Hammel
Clinical Neuropsychologist

Dr. Glenn Hammel is a clinical neuropsychologist and a specialist in issues related to aging. His work frequently focuses on protecting the elderly from interpersonal manipulation, assessing capacity, and balancing an elderly individual’s right of autonomy with society’s duty to protect them. Dr. Hammel was appointed by the California State Senate to the Council on Mentally Ill Offenders.  He has been a speaker on issues related to aging sponsored by organizations such as the American Society on Aging, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Professional Fiduciaries Association, and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. He has guest lectured at academic institutions including the University of California, Northeastern University, and Golden Gate University Law School.  He recently was the keynote speaker at conferences on financial crime and the aged in San Francisco and North Carolina. He is a coauthor of the current edition of the Continuing Education of the Bar Press’ Action Guide Capacity and Undue Influence: Assessing, Challenging, and Defending.

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