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Settlement Language for the Division of Retirement Plans

During this presentation, QDRO attorneys Elizabeth and Jessica Strasen will cover settlement language drafting by discussing examples of some of the worst errors and best drafting they see in practice. 

The presentation will provide sample language for:
·  401(k) Plans, including Plans with Roth, after-tax, or brokerage sub-accounts;
· Equalizations/offsets, including providing for valuation dates and the treatment of market gain/loss; 
· PERS/STRS and other public retirement system benefits, including how to (and not to) estimate their value using a Member statement;
· Union pension plans (UA Local, Teamsters, etc.); and
· IRAs, including tips on how to meet the requirements of IRA companies & financial advisors

The Program Materials will give suggestions for the drafting of Marital Settlement Agreements and other Orders so that attorneys can quickly spot issues and ensure that their agreements will be executed as intended. 


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Elizabeth Strasen
Strasen Law, LLP

Elizabeth Strasen has been practicing family law since 1987. Over the years, she has developed working relationships with a large network of family law practitioners, courts in many counties, and retirement plan administrators. 
Elizabeth is the third party plan administrator for Stanford University's retirement plans. She is an original member of the QDRONEs, a national group of QDRO attorneys & practitioners. She gives MCLE presentations throughout the Bay Area, and leads a mentoring group for attorneys new to the practice of retirement division.
Elizabeth received her bachelors of science degree in chemistry from the University of California, Davis and her juris doctorate degree from Santa Clara University School of Law.

Jessica Strasen photo

Jessica Strasen
Attorney at Law
Law Office of Elizabeth A. Strasen

Jessica Strasen is an attorney at the Law Office of Elizabeth Strasen, located in Petaluma. Her practice includes drafting QDROs and IRA Orders, ERISA and administrative disputes, and research and writing for litigation support. Jessica graduated summa cum laude from the University of San Francisco and is a member of the QDRONEs, a national group of QDRO attorneys.  

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