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Jury Selection Post AB3070

This session will provide some historical context for AB3070 as well as the intersection of Ethics, Civil Rights, and Due Process in the context of Jury Selection and Trial. 


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Traci Owens

Ms. Traci Owens is a Black woman with 20 plus years of experience in indigent criminal defense and 30 plus years’ experience in the public interest sector. Ms. Owens has her BA from Georgetown University and JD from Emory University SOL. Ms. Owens has given trainings for CPDA since 2003. She's been an adjunct with Santa Clara University SOL Trial Techniques program since 2002, and the Stanford Trial Advocacy Program since 2009. Ms. Owens is a repeat presenter for the International Academy of Law and Mental Health at their last three Congresses in Vienna, Prague, and Rome. She is also a repeat lecturer for the Magnus Group. Traci Owens is published in The International Journal of Forensic Sciences and the International Journal of Ethics, Medicine, and Mental Health.

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