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Don't Leave QDROs for Last

A Discussion on Using QDROs Early and to Your Client's Advantage 

This presentation will address how family law attorneys do not need to wait until their divorce agreements are finalized to divide retirement benefits. Although they are typically considered off the table, retirement accounts can be useful resources to meet immediate financial obligations, negotiate property settlements and meet spousal or child support obligations. Many retirement accounts can be accessed at any time after filing for divorce, without tax penalty.            
Topics covered will include when and how retirement benefits can be divided prior to a Judgment being entered, how to take direct distributions that waive early withdrawal penalties, and which retirement benefits will allow multiple or periodic payments from the same plan. 


Jessica Strasen photo

Jessica Strasen
Attorney at Law
Law Office of Elizabeth A. Strasen

Jessica Strasen is an attorney at the Law Office of Elizabeth Strasen, located in Petaluma. Her practice includes drafting QDROs and IRA Orders, ERISA and administrative disputes, and research and writing for litigation support. Jessica graduated summa cum laude from the University of San Francisco and is a member of the QDRONEs, a national group of QDRO attorneys.  

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