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2024 Michael F. O'Donnell Civility Award Luncheon (and MCLE)

Michael F. O’Donnell practiced law in Sonoma County for over three decades from the late 60s until just before his death at the age of 59 in the year 2000. By judges and lawyers alike, he was universally recognized as the epitome of competency, professionalism, integrity and civility throughout his career, as a teacher, a mentor, and an inspiration. The Michael F. O’Donnell Civility Award is presented annually to a member of our legal community, nominated by peers and selected by the Sonoma County Bar Board of Directors, who has consistently reflected those same qualities in the practice of law. It allows Mike O’Donnell’s legacy to continue as a reminder that our goals as lawyers should be, above all else, to serve our clients not just as advocates, but as honorable members of a noble profession. This award is not new, but it now has its own luncheon befitting the occasion; you won’t want to miss it. To be likened to Michael F. O’Donnell is indeed an honor, so please join us in this wonderful celebration of the best qualities our profession has to offer.

Gregory G. Spaulding

Gregory G. Spaulding
2024 Michael F. O'Donnell Civility Award Recipient

Greg Spaulding is the the epitome of a civil, civil litigator. His pride in treating litigants and attorneys with dignity and respect was evident throughout the 40+ years of his litigation practice. Greg currently works as a neutral at JAMS, having transitioned to Partner Emeritus with Spaulding McCullough & Tansil in 2023. He's a Past President of the Sonoma County Bar Association (2017) and recipient of the Sonoma County Superior Court's Amicus Curiae Award (2015). 



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