Alternate Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute ResolutionAlternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Mission: To publicly promote and provide access to mediation and other dispute resolution processes as alternatives to litigation and trial wherever possible, and to enhance the skills of mediators and litigants through collaborative brainstorming of the various challenges presented by those processes.

Welcome to the ADR section of the Sonoma County Bar!

“ADR” stands for Alternative Dispute Resolution. We are professionals dedicated to promoting the use of mediation and other methods for peaceful problem solving as alternatives to the costly, time-consuming, and unpredictable court process.

What you’ll get when you join:

  • Emailed notices of mediation trainings throughout California
  • Periodic and selective email updates on recent case law or legislative developments
  • A free lunch at every meeting (we meet quarterly)
  • Participation in vigorous and productive brain-storming sessions on the ADR issues of the day
  • Insight, feedback and constructive support and suggestions from professionals in the field

The need has never been greater for what we do. We strive not just to settle cases, but to teach others that while their opponents may be adverse, they are not necessarily abhorrent. Our members are both mediators and litigators, and we not only share our dispute resolution skills, we discuss ways to improve client and opposing counsel relationships, and in turn, learn to decrease the stress of litigation when it comes.

If you’ve longed for an environment where legal professionals share both successes and failures and receive only constructive and insightful commentary in return, we are the place to be! Join the ADR section, and see your practice in a different light; help us change the world.

2021 Chair & 

Board Representative:

Brian J. Purtill

Brian Purtill

Law & Mediation Off. of Brian J. Purtill,
50 Santa Rosa Ave, Ste 420,
Santa Rosa, CA 95404-4951

P: (707) 217-1161
F: (707) 540-6294

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